To make disciples of Jesus through the power of the gospel.


To lead people into a transforming relationship with Jesus and authentic community with one another, as proclaimed in Scripture, so that the city of Miami may flourish and God will be glorified.


+Disciple-Making  We believe that Jesus' command to make disciples dominates the center of our mission. This includes making new disciples as well as leading existing disciples into a deeper relationship with God.

+Biblical Integrity  We believe that the Bible is the unique and authoritative Word of God that teaches all that is necessary for faith and life. 

+Thoughtful Theology  We believe in following our Reformed heritage's emphasis on constant learning and education as a way to maintain faithfulness to God. 

+Egalitarian Ministry  We believe in unleashing the gifts of women and men of every age and ethnic group.

+Accountable Community
  We believe people were made for community and we must walk together down the path of discipleship

+Center-Focused Spirituality  
We believe that focusing on the center of the Gospel is more important than the boundaries.

+Kingdom Vitality
  We believe we are called to change the world through acts of compassion, evangelism, and justice.